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Built by legal professionals,
for legal professionals.

UpLevel Analytics is providing the first ever consolidation dashboard for legal professionals. Manage your entire legal department and generate on demand metrics and KPIs across all of your applications on one user friendly platform.

All of your legal applications in one location, easily accessible across all of your devices.

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Checkbox is a no-code automation platform that allows legal teams to build their own software according to their needs, enabling them to automate tedious manual processes and improve the delivery of their legal expertise to the business. Checkbox’s drag-and-drop studio makes it easy for lawyers to develop automation tools, even with little to no technical background.


LexisNexis® CounselLink® is the leading cloud-based legal management solution designed to help corporate legal departments gain 100% visibility into all matters and invoices so they can control costs, maximize productivity, and make better decisions. For nearly 30 years, LexisNexis has been providing innovative solutions for corporate law departments – and we provide these solutions based on insight from thought leaders, industry expertise, and customer feedback.
Here’s how CounselLink supports your legal department:
• Financial Management improves the predictability of legal spend with complete visibility and oversight of every penny spent by the department.
• Work Management helps you to collect, organize, track, audit, and report on all the work done within the legal department to increase productivity and drive better outcomes for your business.
• Vendor Management strengthens your relationships with law firms while measuring their performance, so you can select the best mix for your needs.
• Analytics provides you with full visibility over workloads, spend, vendors and legal data to make informed, data-driven decisions.

If you have questions or comments about the CounselLink Enterprise Legal Management Trends Report or want to learn more about CounselLink software and services, visit CounselLink.com, or contact us via email: LNCounselLink@LexisNexis.com.


Our artificial intelligence and powerful document and email management creates connections across data, systems, and people while leveraging the context of organizational content to fuel deep insights, informed business decisions, and collaboration. Underpinned by advanced, need-to-know security, iManage delivers sophisticated governance approaches and enables workflows that help solve complex business challenges and enable better business outcomes.

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Xakia – Legal Matter Management software
Xakia is cost-effective and easy-to-implement legal matter management software for in-house legal teams of any size. It centralizes matters and documents in a single source of truth, helping you to stay on top of workloads, deadlines, and priorities.

Powerful analytics and interactive dashboards and reports ensure you are making data-driven decisions and removes the need for spreadsheets.

An open API architecture also means you can seamlessly integrate Xakia with Outlook, Gmail, and other critical software in your LegalTech ecosystem and workflows.

Xakia – Your Legal Hub. Optimise the efficiency and impact of your in-house legal team in less than 1 hour.

  • No more spreadsheets – Contract & Dispute Logs.
  • Streamlined & simple – Legal Intake & Triage.
  • Complete visibility – Collaboration Portal.
  • Budget control – Spend Management.
  • Analytics – Interactive Dashboards & Reports.


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Brightflag was the first company to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to legal operations management and has invested more than 100,000 hours in its development. Brightflag allows corporate legal teams to achieve visibility into their operations, streamline internal workflows, review legal bills quickly, manage matters and legal spend more effectively and engage with outside counsel more efficiently. Brightflag serves a global community of corporate legal teams and their outside counsel from offices in New York, Dublin, and Sydney.

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We provide innovative solutions that improve the scalability of corporate governance and compliance for legal teams around the world. Using cloud-based technology, paralegal teams spend less time on paperwork and more time on billable hours. With Athennian’s secure, fast, and easy to use entity management tools, legal teams are more efficient, more profitable, and better prepared for success.

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Review contracts faster and empower your legal team with LawGeex.

LawGeex uses AI to review contracts based on your predefined policies. Unlike solutions that only flag unacceptable or missing clauses, LawGeex redlines the contract in real-time just like a human lawyer. We’ll even handle live negotiations with the counterparty.

LawGeex is the pioneer AI-powered contracting solution. With offices in Tel Aviv and New York City, LawGeex is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies such as eBay, HP, and GE Power.


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Malbek is today’s most modern, cutting-edge, and AI-infused CLM solution that empowers legal teams to do more with less. By supporting the growing contracting demands of your entire enterprise, including Sales, Finance, Procurement and other critical business units, Malbek’s CLM solution delights every user. Malbek provides end-to-end contract management with out-of-the-box integration to popular business applications, like Salesforce, Workday, Slack and multiple ERPs, allowing your contract data to flow seamlessly while dramatically reducing cycle times. That’s contracts reimagined!

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Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker is the most widely used eBilling, Spend & Matter Management solution built on best practices, and trusted by the world’s most recognized brands.  As a multi-tenant configurable SaaS solution, Legal Tracker is quick to implement and end user friendly.   With invoice AI, best-in-class rules engines, timekeeper rate, alternative fee arrangement, and budgeting capabilities organizations using Legal Tracker see ongoing savings between 5-15% on their annual outside counsel spending.   Built-in business intelligence with dashboarding, benchmarking, and analytics tools help organizations demonstrate their value and find the signals in the noise to monitor and mitigate risk.

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Practical Law helps legal departments reduce spending, act as a business enabler, and manage and mitigate risk.

As legal departments are under continued pressure to control costs, having Practical Law is like having your favorite outside counsel available 24×7.  With the legal team using Practical law you can reduce, delay, or in some matters, eliminate the need for outside counsel delivering a reduction of outside counsel spend that far outweighs the cost of the solution for your legal department.

By using Practical Law, your legal team can find the most up-to-date and best practice resource quickly, ensuring better speed of answer and better relationships with your business stakeholders.

Successful deals require a deep understanding of the parties and market trends.  By using Practical Law Connect What’s market you can search publicly filed deals & agreements and compare deal summaries for quick analysis of market and deal term trends, coupled with Business Law Center where you can research deeply tagged filings and agreements.

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Take everything you know about Westlaw: the industry-leading legal content, unmatched editorial enhancements, and world-renowned research support. Now take everything Westlaw has learned from its 100-plus years of serving the legal industry. Add in the knowledge of over 500 expert attorney-editors.

What you get is the best in online legal research.

The question is, how do you make the best even better? Combine state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with that history and human element to create brand new tools that allow attorneys to complete legal research faster and with greater confidence.


NetDocuments is the industry-leading, cloud-based, multi-tenant document and email management provider for Law Firms of all sizes and Corporate Legal Departments across all industries including Finance, Healthcare, and Insurance as well as Government and Public Sector entities.

With decades of document management experience, NetDocuments continually enhances the application, providing customers the most innovative solution for document and email management available in the market today. By eliminating on-premises or hosted system hardware and moving into the security of the cloud, the IT burden is dramatically decreased, reducing the cost and complexity of the DMS.

No other cloud-based document management solution is more secure than NetDocuments. Data security and strict digital asset protection are key differentiators of our service that allow law firms and other industries with strict compliance and security guidelines to confidently store and collaborate on their documents and email.

Additionally, our powerful integrations with Microsoft Office and G-Suite allow for smart editing, drafting, searching, and version control.

Extranets, secure links, and client portals provide collaboration and security to outside parties who need real time access to their documents.


Business Process Improvement tool designed to manage the work related to the documents in the popular Legal Document Management products, also SharePoint.

Over 100 common template process solutions including contract management, compliance management, markup and approval management, esignature process management, general project management, etc.

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BlackBoiler is a legal technology company that creates contract efficiency solutions for companies, law firms, and legal service providers. The company’s patented award-winning automated contract markup tool is designed to work seamlessly with programs users already know how to use: Word and email. Through proprietary techniques, BlackBoiler creates client-specific editing models and leverages these models to markup inbound contracts instantaneously in the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word. BlackBoiler grows smarter and increases the efficiency of contract review with each additional use, cutting review time down by > 66%. 


The Mitratech ContractRoom provides organizations with an end-to-end, innovative contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution that consistently increases staff efficiency, enhances collaboration, and speeds the close of agreements. 

Organizations that deploy ContractRoom are able to realize revenue faster, optimize the financial performance of buy-side agreements and mitigate risk by transforming CLM into an asset that improves  business responsiveness and results.   

By creating a hub for all contract activity that provides exceptional online negotiation capabilities, deeply automated document assembly, and enhanced workflow automation, organizations can easily manage contracts from the initial request through negotiations and execution to the compliance needed around triggers, milestones, and renewals. The result for contract management professionals is enterprise-level insight into obligations as well as opportunities and risks. 


You want a matter management system giving you complete visibility and control over the entire matter lifecycle, including matter data and documents, the processes surrounding closing matters, oversight, and more.

Mitratech’s single-platform approach meets that need, no matter what stage a matter is in – or who you have to collaborate with to close it out

Within the platform are; TeamConnect,  the most widely used end-to-end ELM platform trusted by the world’s leading legal departments for managing core legal processes and operations, TAP Workflow, empowering users to automate nearly any repetitive manual process, so you can focus on what’s important: doing the work, not wrestling with workflows and AcuityELM,  SaaS e-Billing, matter management, claims defense, and legal hold capabilities for small and mid-size corporate legal teams.




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From intake to insights – LawVu’s Legal Workspace is your everyday ‘go-to’ for all your in-house legal work, no matter how large or small.

Within the Workspace you’ll find a unified suite of productivity and collaboration tools built specifically for in-house legal teams. Matters, contracts, outside counsel and spend, documents, knowledge and insights – all managed in one cloud-based, secure and connected system.

The LawVu Workspace scales with your team – start with individual modules or unleash the full power of the complete platform. When the modules are used together, the Workspace becomes a powerful, single source of truth for high performing legal teams.


SimpleLegal is a simple, intelligent, scalable, and intuitive solution to manage everything that matters in legal ops. Our solution helps streamline the way corporate legal departments manage their matters, track and interpret spend, and collaborate with vendors and law firms. SimpleLegal combines e-Billing and spend management, matter management, vendor management, and reporting and analytics into one comprehensive application to optimize legal operations and the management of the entire legal department.

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