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EponaDMS is the fastest growing DMS in North America enjoying growth of over 200% annually for the last 3 years. Epona DMS is built to maximize your investment in Microsoft 365 with your content living in your own tenant of SharePoint utilizing Microsoft security. With the recent release of Epona for Teams, your work content can be accessed from Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, File Explorer) and Microsoft Teams. EponaDMS is ideal for law firms, corporate legal teams, and enterprise teams.

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Ascent ELM™ provides enterprise-class advanced ELM legal technology to optimize your cases and costs at any time, from anywhere. Corporate legal departments choose Ascent ELM to streamline legal operations, automate processes, track legal spend, and easily analyze all matter data in one collaborative place. Ascent ELM provides visibility into all aspects of your legal operations including eBilling, Matter Management, and Legal Holds, in a fully integrated, configurable solution and that can integrate with all other business unit data. Legal Operations requires advanced capabilities to manage the business of law; Ascent ELM delivers that as a comprehensive suite of tools delivering near-real-time insights on a user-configurable analytic dashboard available when and where you need it. All capabilities are further enhanced by a world-renown team of dedicated team of ELM experts who will onboard, train, and support you and your outside counsel 24/7; all at no extra cost. Set up a solution demo or request a consultation today.


The new dimension for addressing corporate legal challenges requires an adequate combination of processes, technology and talent.

At Alster we are passionate about transforming the legal market and how we need to adapt to the demands of current and future clients. We believe that rethinking legal services is a duty, and we are motivated to give the best of ourselves to help make that change happen. Focusing on the client, with talent, technology and processes, we believe that the way in which individuals and companies solve their legal needs can improve. Only in this way can we guarantee that services that are often uncertain, not very transparent, and complex, with innovation and global solutions can be a support for the progress and well-being of all. At Alster we think big, and we hope that those who choose us will do so too.


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Proteus Discovery Group is a litigator-led, financially independent eDiscovery services and consulting company. Founded in 2015 as a managed document review provider, we provide both project-based support and deeply integrated managed services to law firms, corporations, and government agencies. Our holistic approach includes legal hold management, forensic collections, data processing, hosting, and review, data breach analysis, and expert testimony.

DiscoveryMaster provides one login to monitor all of your document review projects in Relativity – no matter where the data lives. Hourly syncs provide every project stakeholder with up-to-date metrics on budgets, key documents, completion date, QC, and more – all without project managers having to spend billable time running saved searches or extracting sensitive documents from Relativity. Designed by practicing litigators and eDiscovery practitioners, DiscoveryMaster is intuitive, actionable, and secure.

3N BPM Services

3N is a partner of choice for growth-oriented enterprises, leading law firms, and professional services companies that need creative legal and business solutions. With delivery centers in two continents, multiple time-zone support fuels effective geographic arbitrage through a diverse in-house team and global network partners.

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Matters+ is mission control for in-house legal teams.

We provide a cloud-based matter management solution where lawyers can collaborate seamlessly on matters, and can do so flexibly – everything you need is accessible through the internet. Meanwhile, our solution pulls the vital data from your team’s legal workload, and creates advanced analytical reports presented in a simple, yet insightful format. No longer do GCs and Heads of Legal have to wonder what their department is working on, or how well they’re performing – Matters+ presents the value of your legal team in real time, and puts all the info in the palm of your hands.

Not only this, but Matters+ can remedy all the annoying problems lawyers experience every day;

  • Track matters between lawyers, clients, and external counsel, so you’re always informed on where a case is sitting.
  • Automate low level work like updating clients on their matters, leaving your team free to focus on more important stuff.
  • Make wiser decisions on which external firms you outsource work to with our ‘Rate my Advisor’ tool, allowing you to choose the best external counsel for the job, and getting the most bang for your buck.

And much more!

And did we mention? Our software is extremely flexible and customisable, meaning you can conduct legal work in the way that suits you, and gain the exact insight from your data that you’re looking for.

Interested? Get in contact with us, and book a software demo today.


UpLevel Ops, a certified Women-Owned business, is unique in that both general partners have been in-house for the vast majority of their careers.   The UpLevel team brings real-world, practical knowledge about industry trends, benchmarks and how peers in the market are defining “world class” as it relates to strategy, technology and all processes throughout the department.  Over the course of their in-house careers, they addressed the ever-changing legal environment by developing a governing framework aligned to the corporate business strategy so their departments could appropriately respond to and invest in critical areas of the business.  They created strategies that provided long-term direction and identified and capitalized on the unique competencies of their in-house teams, and now they’re doing the same for their clients.

Beyond strategic planning, the team at UpLevel has implemented multiple types of solutions and programs, including:

  • Legal operations strategies and roadmaps
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Outside counsel programmatic management
  • eBilling and matter management
  • Information and knowledge management and collaboration
  • Document management and retention
  • eSignature policies and software
  • Automated intake, including bot and RPA technology
  • Workflow tools
  • Budgets and financial analysis
  • Value based pricing and alternative fee arrangements
  • Data analytics and metrics
  • Alternative support models and use of alternative service providers
  • Communication strategies, including value communications and change management
  • Employee growth and development
  • Diversity programs with accountability
  • Legal Operations as a Service (LOaaS), for Legal Departments who need additional headcount and/or support to manage their ongoing Legal Operations needs

Most importantly, rather than simply providing recommendations and moving on to the next client, the UpLevel team has the expertise to work with Legal Departments to implement these programs.  UpLevel believes that this is a competitive differentiator, and they will stay involved to ensure that all proposed deliverables will be in place and fully functioning at the highest levels.



Legility, the global, independent new law company, delivers transformative legal solutions that build business value and set our clients apart. Our global network comprises 30 locations on three continents, more than 1500 legal experts, and our legal operations work spans every industry and practice area. We have world-class data, strategy, and talent operations. For corporate legal departments and law firms, we provide consulting, technology, eDiscovery, managed solutions, and flexible legal talent engagement services to improve operational efficiency. By combining people, processes, and technology, Legility offers innovative and bundled solutions that align with how the legal market is looking to engage. http://www.legility.com




Evisort is an AI company that provides an End-to-End Contract Intelligence Platform for lean legal teams and global enterprises who want a better alternative to contract management.

Evisort was built by lawyers who had read thousands of MSAs, SOWs, NDAs, and were tired of pulling out basic information such as expiration dates, renewals, names of parties, etc. Evisort does this automatically by datatizing contracts rather than just digitizing them.

Datatizing™ your contract information instantly turns all your contracts into searchable data using advanced contract analytics to find vital provisions and metadata. Evisort visualizes contract data and provides teams the information they need to report on mission-critical contracts in real-time

The End-to-End Contract Intelligence Platform from Evisort is a comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management and Analytics solution that protects, scales, and accelerates businesses.

Unlike legacy contract management vendors, point solutions, or status-quo processes, Evisort:

*Centralizes access to contracts with no migration

*Accurately extracts, tracks, and makes metadata and provisions searchable in real-time

*Optimizes templates and streamlines contract workflows to deliver rapid ROI without IT


Evisort was founded in 2016 by Harvard Law alumni and MIT researchers to eliminate the tediously manual contract processes that increase risk, add costs, and slow deals for businesses. Evisort is headquartered in Silicon Valley and backed by leading strategic and institutional investors including General Atlantic, Vertex Ventures, M12 ( Microsoft’s venture fund), Amity Ventures, Village Global, and Serra Ventures. Evisort is trusted by companies of all sizes and industries including Microsoft, Keller Williams, Jelly Belly, McKesson, Plug Power, Vonage, Qdoba, AE2S, and more.


With eCounsel, you gain an ELM solution for streamlining processes, automating manual tasks, reducing legal spend, with powerful options for entity management, advanced document management, and analytics and reporting. End users and administrators alike enjoy intuitive, out-of-the-box ease of use,, yet eCounsel is flexible and scalable enough to be your best solution tomorrow, too.


Legal holds are a crucial part of a litigation process. But manual and traditional approaches to doing this? They’re difficult, costly, and error-prone, leaving your enterprise open to risk.

What’s the answer? To adopt an easy-to-use, automated legal SaaS solution for controlling the costs, ensuring the compliance, and mitigating the risks of a legal hold process.


CMO is a flexible, integrated solution that “connects the dots” between regulations, their requirements, specific activities needed for compliance, and stakeholders across your organization. Automate new processes, make changes easily, and integrate seamlessly with industry-leading business intelligence tools to help drive continual improvement and compliance.


If your business is like countless others, you increasingly rely on spreadsheets.  Yet studies show almost 90% of spreadsheets contain errors. And most spreadsheet risk stems from their very flexibility, making it difficult to notice changes to functionality and data – by eye, at least.

To manage this risk? You’ve got to identify the most critical spreadsheets, set up a clear End User Computing (EUC) control framework, implement it, and then consistently monitor for errors or changes. But for hundreds or thousands of business-critical spreadsheets?  It can’t be done manually.

ClusterSeven Shadow IT Manager lets you choose from a full range of components capable of automating and accelerating EUC management, so you can control your spreadsheet estate and mitigate risk.


VendorInsight is the vendor risk management solution that helps banks, credit unions, insurance firms, and other financial services organizations protect themselves against third-party compliance risk. VendorInsight is also used by organizations in other highly regulated industries (e.g. healthcare and manufacturing) that have vendors or third-party relationships that could expose them to regulatory scrutiny and penalties.

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In-House Focus produces live and on-demand educational and leadership content (all CLE approved) for the in-house counsel community. The company’s flagship video series, Leaders of Legal, features dozens of Fortune 500 GCs who come together to discuss emerging trends and top priorities in a highly produced, masterclass-style video series. Visit our website to watch scenes from past events. To sign up for a free trial, email support@inhousefocus.com.


JURISolutions Legal (JSL) is a national alternative legal services provider (ALSP) and award-winning recruitment firm providing innovative, cost-effective legal solutions to corporations, government entities and law firms.  Since 1997, we have provided our clients with access to top legal talent across the country and we specialize in designing customized legal solutions specific to our clients’ needs. We can provide our clients with access to experienced attorneys and other legal resources in a flexible project/temporary capacity, on a secondment or contract basis, or as permanent, full-time members of the client’s team.

Our service offerings include: Project and Temporary Attorneys, Secondments, Executive Search, Legal Staffing, Document Review & Managed Services, Contract Management, Project Management, Subject Matter Experts, Litigation Support, Compliance Specialists, Paralegals, Administrative Support, Human Capital Consulting, and Legal Research.

JURISolutions (dba JuriStaff) is one of the largest WBENC and WOSB certified legal services firms in the country. Additionally, JSL has been an NGLCC Corporate Partner since 2017.


Integreon is a trusted global provider of award-winning legal, business, and research support solutions to leading law firms, legal departments, financial institutions, and professional services firms. The company applies a highly trained, experienced global team of over 3,500 employees to a wide range of problems that require scale and expertise.

With delivery centers on three continents, Integreon’s team of lawyers, paralegals, contract specialists, technologists and support staff – onshore, offshore, and on-site – deliver a full complement of contract, compliance, and commercial services including:

  • CLM Process and Technology Assessment : Working across a suite of leading third-party CLM platforms, Integreon assists businesses with consultation, design, implementation and database management to build, improve, and transform their contracting function including data abstraction and contract analytics.
  • Contracting Drafting and Negotiation: Delivered through technology- enabled solutions, Integreon provides skilled resources through onshore, offshore or blended-shore models that support the entire contract management life cycle with considerations for risk, complexity, turnaround time, and scale.
  • Contract Review, Abstraction and Migration : Integreon helps procurement and corporate legal teams extract more value and reduce risk from its contract portfolios through language review and compliance analysis and assists in the transfer of contracts to new CLM platforms.
  • Risk & Regulatory Support – Integreon has deep experience handling large volumes of data from identification and remediation of contracts to handling of personal identifiable information. Working with Integreon’s team of attorneys, paralegals, contract experts, and Six-sigma professionals, organizations can implement a right fit approach to handling the most complex and timely compliance challenges related to LIBOR, Brexit, GDPR. and CCPA.
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LinkSquares is an AI-powered end-to-end contracting platform to give legal teams the tools they need to move their business forward faster. Customers have everything they need to write better contracts, analyze what’s in existing contracts, and collaborate better with their team at every step of the way. LinkSquares differs from other tools on the market with its powerful AI insights, speed to providing tangible results, and ability to centralize everything. For more information, visit https://linksquares.com/.

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Do you struggle automating, managing, and objectifying the legal services RFP process?

Do you struggle collecting, analyzing, and tracking diversity data of the law firms you work with?

Well … not anymore.

  • Justice Bid is a Chicago-based legal technology company that helps legal operations teams save time and money in sourcing legal services activities using their robust RFP/e-auction SaaS technology. Take advantage of JB’s templates, analytics, panel management capabilities, and more. JB’s easy to use (multi-language) e-Sourcing platform increases the adoption of online negotiation techniques resulting in higher yields and a substantial increase in the amount of legal spend negotiated online.  Justice Bid has been working with forward-thinking Fortune 100-1000 companies who are using the technology and consistently achieving demonstrable ROI, achieving an average savings of 22%.
  • JB also accelerates law departments’ DEI programs for outside counsel by taking the grunt work of diversity data tracking out of the equation, saving in-house FTE resources. Justice Bid, a minority-owned technology company, teamed up with Legal Operators and forward-thinking law firms to reimagine diversity analytics in the legal industry. The Operation Empowering Change initiative is designed to enable law departments to skip the data collection and analysis process, and at the same time, significantly reduce the number of firmwide surveys that law firms are asked to complete, allowing both to get
    to what truly matters – focusing on DEI collaboration and actual DEI work. Law departments can use filters, in combination with each graph’s interactive legend, to view firmwide data through their own lens. If a law department does not see their firm, they can easily add them.

If you have any questions, or would like to see a demo, or get free access to law firms’ firmwide diversity data, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team – we’re all very kind – and funny : )  Here to help you in anyway we can.

Team JB

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