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Founded by 20-year industry veteran, Big 4 Partner, and Forensic Expert, Anil Kona, LIGL is an innovative software company bringing integration, orchestration, and automation to the legal tech industry. We are a team of forensic experts, software developers, and eDiscovery specialists.  


Legal Hold Notification:  
Automated email notifications, reminders, and escalations  
Customizable Questionnaires  
Stealth Legal Holds
Custodial Data Management:
Full chain of custody – track the status of every data source by custodian in real-time  

Unlimited In-Place Preservation and Collection from your favorite data sources – Microsoft, Google, Slack, and More.   
Lifecycle Orchestration:  
Ligl integrates with best-of-breed eDiscovery processing and review applications for end-to-end lifecycle orchestration – the result: automation from legal hold to hosting.  

Discovery Project Management:  
Effectively manage hundreds of jobs at a time with data source queue management 

Collaborate with internal departments/teams and 3rd party support providers  

Case level and global reporting for legal hold and data management   


BRYTER is the leading no-code workflow automation platform enabling legal departments to digitize and scale their services. Established in 2018, BRYTER has helped in-house legal teams from companies like McDonald’s and ING Bank to international firms such as Deloitte and PwC to deliver services digitally and automate complex decisioning processes with no-code software.

Previously, legal experts had the industry knowledge but not the technical experience to participate in digitization. Now, BRYTER is bridging the gap between IT and legal departments, by providing a platform where professionals can easily automate complex workflows and responses to recurring requests. Using the no-code app builder, legal professionals can build powerful applications without writing a single line of code.  BRYTER is enterprise-ready with all the tools and integrations you need to achieve self-service workflow automation. BRYTER use cases include NDA generators, Trademark Protection Assistants, and ESG Disclosure Regulation Guides, and there are countless more possibilities.

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866-ZentLaw (866-936-8529)866-ZentLaw (866-936-8529)
408-736-3600 ext. 3601408-736-3600 ext. 3601
(408) 736-3633

ZentLaw has a 20 year track record serving the world’s largest brands through our innovative, efficient and cost-effective Solutions that have steadily driven the legal industry forward into new frontiers.

Legal industry innovator, thought leader and pioneer, Monica Zent, founded ZentLaw in 2002 as an alternative to the conventional law firm model, breaking the law firm mold at the time. Based in the Silicon Valley area of California, ZentLaw reflected the innovative spirit of its region, disrupting the legal market as we knew it at the time with a revolutionary proposition for clients: an alternative legal services provider model (ALSP) delivering high quality Solutions at a value and delivered via a client-centric approach. Today, ZentLaw is one of the leading ALSPs in the country serving the world’s most well-known brands.

Efficiency and innovation is in our DNA at ZentLaw and that of our Leadership. Our tagline says it all: “On Demand, On Budget.”  When ZentLaw created this tagline in 2002, the concept of associating On Demand or On Budget with any legal services provider was unheard of at the time.

Through our use of technology, including tools created by ZentLaw Labs, we leverage information, knowledge and work product quickly and efficiently to deliver high quality legal services to our clients at maximum value. At ZentLaw, we constantly innovate on process and practice, building methodologies and technology that will serve our clients today and in the years to come.

We offer quality legal counsel under cost-effective Solutions that make sense for clients in this brave new world of how law can and should be practiced. ZentLaw provides the right resources when you need them at a cost that makes budget sense. Our pragmatic, tech-centric, process-driven approach to law is refreshing for our clients and makes law fun for the people on our team.

ZentLaw’s Solutions include: Subscription Plans for work that must be performed on a strict budget, Secondments for dedicated, on-site or remote resources, Flex Plans for variable workflows, Legal Operations Consulting, often delivered in collaboration with our trusted partners such as UpLevel Ops, to drive internal efficiencies and refine contracting processes, and LegalTech development through ZentLaw Labs.

ZentLaw serves a client base consisting of Fortune-listed, publicly-traded companies as well as venture-backed pre-unicorn status companies, and institutions and municipalities. Our clients do business in a variety of sectors from technology and energy to banking and apparel. Our institutional stability, value pricing plans, and proven track record make ZentLaw the go-to solution for legal work for leading brands. We have helped the most successful companies grow and shape their business and legal practices in ways that are truly ground-breaking. ZentLaw has advised General Counsels at many of the world’s top companies on best practices for their legal departments and Ms. Zent is often considered a thought leader by GCs on best practices for legal teams.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our industry runs deep, spanning nearly two decades of service and support in this area. ZentLaw is proud to be a certified WMBE and woman owned business.

Under the leadership of visionary, Monica Zent, the lasting legacy ZentLaw leaves in the legal market is setting the mold for ALSPs everywhere and creating a model that has been replicated many times over throughout the industry.

Additionally, since its inception, every year ZentLaw commits its funds, resources and talent to serving the needs of the community through sponsorship and pro bono work in a variety of settings for organizations such as Breakthrough Silicon Valley, the Inner City Law Clinic, California Lawyers for the Arts and Rotary International.

Covered in the ABA Journal, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, California Lawyer Magazine, Inside Counsel magazine and Corporate Counsel magazine, LegalBusinessWorld and more, ZentLaw is a brand and name that is synonymous with the best in legal services delivered at a value and with a smile. ZentLaw will continue to grow, leaving its legacy for the legal industry in a way that no other organization has ever done.

We invite you to connect with us to learn more about our Solutions and how ZentLaw can help your legal department effectively do more with less.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zentlaw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zentlawgroup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zentlaw



Avvoka is a document automation, negotiation and analytics tool designed to help law firms, in-house legal teams and businesses (of all sizes) draft documents, negotiate them, and leverage data insights from that process to draft better documents, and get to “yes” faster.

Unlike legacy tools, with Avvoka you can rapidly build automated versions of your most complex documents using our intuitive automation builder. This means no more tricky coding within Word documents. Our customers reach agreement fast by collaborating on documents with colleagues in real-time and negotiating with counterparties via the Avvoka online platform.

Avvoka has a range of sophisticated reporting tools that allow businesses to monitor push-back against their standard contract clauses, track key commercial terms and compare individual negotiator performance.

Key use cases:

  • First-draft automation
    • Generate perfect documents every time by building powerful automated document templates using Avvoka’s intuitive template editor
    • Unlike most automation tools, Avvoka’s editor empowers non-technical users to build sophisticated automated precedents, without the need to use any ‘code’ or learn any syntax
    • The template editor has been honed over four years of rigorous development, so Avvoka can handle NDAs all the way up to 200+ page loan agreements
  • Safe, self-service contracting
    • Drive document creation within business teams by allowing legal teams to build contract playbooks, fallbacks and approval workflows layered into automated templates
    • Only add legal team members into a document where it’s clear they are adding value in more bespoke, important scenarios
  • Internal collaboration –
    • Work in real-time with colleagues on the same version of a document to ensure rapid resolution of queries by using internal comments, clause-based task assignment and approval layers
  • External negotiation
    • Stop playing Word draft ping-pong and negotiate documents with counterparties directly on the platform
    • Reach execution in record time: minimise version chaos and maximise the auditability of changes on documents
    • Use extensive rights-management to restrict the ability of users to mark-up key terms to safeguard negotiating guidelines
  • Document data analysis
    • Effortlessly access the commercial data contained within contracts: automation creates structured, searchable documents that can be analysed in the reporting function or exported to other business information systems
  • Monitoring commercial performance
    • Avvoka’s negotiation editor has a rich data layer: track how key clauses are being marked-up across a document portfolio to spot bottlenecks and areas where a fallback would smooth the negotiation flow
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 CreatieiQ is a next generation Contract Lifecycle Management platform for in-house teams, developed by experts at Linklaters. CreateiQ speeds up contracting, eliminates risk and gives organisations access to the power of their legal data. From creation to negotiation to execution and beyond – CreateiQ has you covered. Founded in 2018, nearly 100 global institutions trust CreateiQ to power their contracting, including 30 companies in the Fortune 500 and 6 of the world’s largest banks.  

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Priori revolutionizes how legal teams find and engage outside counsel. Ranked a Chambers Tier 1 Global LawTech company and a Financial Times Intelligent Business, Priori’s cutting-edge technology powers two products: Scout, which surfaces insights about trusted outside counsel relationships to drive informed hiring decisions and D&I initiatives; and Marketplace, which connects legal teams with new talent from Priori’s vetted, global network of attorneys at firms of all sizes.


BRYTER is the no-code service automation platform that enables business experts to build digital applications. The truly no-code platform gives enterprise teams the tools to build self-service applications to provide faster, more accurate services to their colleagues, without programming.

BRYTER is especially geared to professionals in law, compliance, accounting and finance, who use the software to automate complex, recurring decisions and scenarios.

Global brands from McDonalds and ING, through to professional service firms like Deloitte, PwC and KPMG, use BRYTER to deliver services digitally. BRYTER is a remote-first company with offices in New York, Boston, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin and Dublin


Josef is a no-code software platform used by the world’s best legal teams to automate their day-to-day work. With Josef, legal teams build tools to automate intake, contracts, workflows and advice, manage data and reduce risk. Josef is truly no code, and easy enough for any legal professional to build their own automation tools to work better and transform the client experience.

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Black Hills IP is leading a new generation of IP legal technology and service providers.  Human error is the cause of 80% of docketing mistakes.  Our advanced AI-enabled docketing automation greatly improves the reliability, quality and efficiency of docketing tasks that were previously done by humans alone.

BHIP developed a proprietary ground-breaking machine-aided docketing engine (IP Tools) that dramatically elevates docketing quality.  IP Tools is not a substitute for an IP docketing system, but rather it works in conjunction with your IP docketing system.  BHIP uses our IP Tools technology to deliver AI-enabled docketing services that are scalable, efficient and accurate.

Our other legal support services include intellectual property paralegal services, patent proofreading, and data auditing/analytics.  We also provide annuity payment management services through our sister company Black Hills IP Renewals.  Our technology and our services are all in the US so that any export control issues are eliminated.

BHIP strongly believes in using technology to help our customers implement a streamlined best-practice approach to IP support work.  Our services have helped our customers reduce cost, improve operations, and reposition their existing team members to do more value-added projects.


ContractPodAi® Cloud provides corporate legal and non-legal users complete visibility, command, and control over the entire legal lifecycle of the business. The One Legal Platform allows you to handle multiple use cases and nearly every legal challenge.

Covering all legal processes, ContractPodAi Cloud provides digital tools and self-service capabilities to help you create, configure, and automate any legal document. The software’s key features include a smart repository, business process automation (BPA), a vendor negotiation portal, advanced analytics, and much more.

With integrated BPA, users can automate document generation — along with the approval and other workflow management processes — by using the standard template library.

Within a centralized negotiation portal, legal and other teams can communicate with each other and negotiate with vendors. All communications and vendor interactions are automatically logged in searchable trails for audit and compliance measures. ContractPodAi Cloud also automatically reviews and tracks changes across all document versions. The system then provides users with the ability to accept, reject, and produce different document versions; as well as store detailed records of documents in a fully searchable repository; track all key metrics in real-time; and generate pre- or user-built reports.

In addition, ContractPodAi Cloud integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Azure, DocuSign, Okta, and other systems to track obligations; improve and manage application access and security; and provide in-app electronic signing capabilities. ContractPodAi for Salesforce allows users to manage all end-to-end operations within the Salesforce app.

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Clarilis is an intelligent drafting automation platform with a lawyer-led managed service. Our experienced PSL team (each with, on average, more than 15 years’ PQE) delivers automation for our customers. This covers design, testing, implementation and all updates to the automation.  Communication is always lawyer-to-lawyer and is delivered on time, for a fixed fee with a solid ROI for both law firms and in-house legal.

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Praktio provides online, practical, interactive, self-paced training solutions for improving knowledge and skills related to contracts and other legal documents.

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A legal operations platform

Lovnad is cutting costs, saving time and automating processes for legal departments by giving them control of their data.

By making the market for legal services more transparent and data-driven, Lovnad believes that companies can get better and more predictable prices By collecting and analyzing invoice-data, clients gets overview and control of all their matters, enabling them to make smarter decisions.

Lovnad’s user-friendly and secure technology focuses on the needs of both clients and law firms. In collaboration with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the Nordics, they are building a platform to support the legal industry of tomorrow.


BillerAssist easily adds AI and machine learning to your existing billing system:
1-  Keep your billing system
2-  Reduce write-offs
3-  Get bills out over 5x faster


Partners should not have to spend hours reviewing billing entries for invoicing. Now they don’t have to.

BillerAssist lets you review and approve an entire month of billing in minutes. Just import your entries from your billing system in a few clicks. All unusual charges and problematic entries will be automatically flagged with color codes for quick review. All you have to do is look for the color codes.

The color codes are automatically applied based on your own billing records, and any changes you make. Internal or client-mandated billing rules can be set by client or by matter. With its machine learning technology, BillerAssist gets smarter the more you use it.

Partners should not have to train people how to bill. Now they don’t have to. BillerAssist can also be used to automatically train associates and other timekeepers how to bill. The app helps associates and other timekeepers avoid billing errors, by automatically flagging entries in real time, and by providing suggested descriptions based on your own billing records before your timekeepers finish typing. This ensures efficiency while work is being done and eliminates billing errors at the source.

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Lawcadia is an end-to-end legal operations platform that in-house legal teams and their law firms use for intake and triage, matter management and legal spend management. Utilising Lawcadia Intelligence, an intelligent automation engine, Lawcadia incorporates no-code automation and logic-based workflows with built-in document automation, collaboration tools, and BI reporting. Lawcadia is headquartered in Australia with clients in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, including corporate and Government legal teams and over 170 law firms. For more information about Lawcadia, please visit Lawcadia.com

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Our US-based attorneys analyze every charge, on every legal bill, to make sure that each and every time entry and expense charge adds value and complies with industry-standard billing guidelines.

To better understand your potential savings opportunities, LBR conducts an Opportunity Assessment consisting of a:

  • Detailed analysis of potential errors, redundancies, and other opportunities for cost reductions

  • Firm-by-firm comparison of billing practices

  • Monthly and yearly savings projection report to share with your team

  • https://www.legalbillreview.com/#how-it-works
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Using a sophisticated AI data pipeline, we have streamlined ESG performance assessment.
This allows companies of all sizes to almost automatically:
  • Measure your Strategic Sustainability
  • Produce Graphical & Narrative Strategic Sustainability reports
  • Identify Gaps & areas of improvements
4 steps:

Step 1 – Your Company Profile

Provide basic information on your company by answering 10 simple questions.

Step 2 – Your Data & Documents

Upload all corporate data and documents that could be relevant to our secure Data Room: Policies, Code of Conduct, Certification and certificates, Expense data, HR data etc.

Step 3 – Our Magic

We scrub any personal data, apply AI & NLP (Natural Language Processing) to read, analyse and extract relevant data from the documents your provided.
We validate the data, working on gaps and inconsistencies with you.
We use over 360 KPIs and apply ratio & weighting based on your size, industry & location(s):

We digest all the data and work with you to complete the gaps and missing information so that your assessment can be completed.

Step 4

Your ESG Assessment is ready.
Access your Dashboard to visualise your Strategic Sustainability performance, drill into specific themes.

Cenza’s focus is to provide high quality, cost-effective managed legal services to global corporations, consulting and law firms. Cenza partners with their clients to understand, solve, and address their specific legal needs. Cenza’s attorneys and legal experts are trained to analyze, code and abstract materials for contract review and to provide essential legal support services.

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Legal operations teams are facing unprecedented pressure to manage risk in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Thus, they must deliver both risk mitigation and business agility at the same time. Responsiveness and consistency are critical for the various departments that rely on the legal team.

To deliver a platform that allows legal operations teams to drive efficiency while reducing reliance on IT is key to the overall long term success and competitiveness of the business. Tonkean helps to improve key legal processes and its many interactions with other departments. Such cases include: legal intake, NDA creation and review, contract review processes, document sorting & routing, matter creation, working with outside counsel. To learn more, visit http://www.tonkean.com

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