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Matters+ is mission control for in-house legal teams.

We provide a cloud-based matter management solution where lawyers can collaborate seamlessly on matters, and can do so flexibly – everything you need is accessible through the internet. Meanwhile, our solution pulls the vital data from your team’s legal workload, and creates advanced analytical reports presented in a simple, yet insightful format. No longer do GCs and Heads of Legal have to wonder what their department is working on, or how well they’re performing – Matters+ presents the value of your legal team in real time, and puts all the info in the palm of your hands.

Not only this, but Matters+ can remedy all the annoying problems lawyers experience every day;

  • Track matters between lawyers, clients, and external counsel, so you’re always informed on where a case is sitting.
  • Automate low level work like updating clients on their matters, leaving your team free to focus on more important stuff.
  • Make wiser decisions on which external firms you outsource work to with our ‘Rate my Advisor’ tool, allowing you to choose the best external counsel for the job, and getting the most bang for your buck.

And much more!

And did we mention? Our software is extremely flexible and customisable, meaning you can conduct legal work in the way that suits you, and gain the exact insight from your data that you’re looking for.

Interested? Get in contact with us, and book a software demo today.

September 3, 2021
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