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Founded by 20-year industry veteran, Big 4 Partner, and Forensic Expert, Anil Kona, LIGL is an innovative software company bringing integration, orchestration, and automation to the legal tech industry. We are a team of forensic experts, software developers, and eDiscovery specialists.  


Legal Hold Notification:  
Automated email notifications, reminders, and escalations  
Customizable Questionnaires  
Stealth Legal Holds
Custodial Data Management:
Full chain of custody – track the status of every data source by custodian in real-time  

Unlimited In-Place Preservation and Collection from your favorite data sources – Microsoft, Google, Slack, and More.   
Lifecycle Orchestration:  
Ligl integrates with best-of-breed eDiscovery processing and review applications for end-to-end lifecycle orchestration – the result: automation from legal hold to hosting.  

Discovery Project Management:  
Effectively manage hundreds of jobs at a time with data source queue management 

Collaborate with internal departments/teams and 3rd party support providers  

Case level and global reporting for legal hold and data management   


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