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Do you struggle automating, managing, and objectifying the legal services RFP process?

Do you struggle collecting, analyzing, and tracking diversity data of the law firms you work with?

Well … not anymore.

  • Justice Bid is a Chicago-based legal technology company that helps legal operations teams save time and money in sourcing legal services activities using their robust RFP/e-auction SaaS technology. Take advantage of JB’s templates, analytics, panel management capabilities, and more. JB’s easy to use (multi-language) e-Sourcing platform increases the adoption of online negotiation techniques resulting in higher yields and a substantial increase in the amount of legal spend negotiated online.  Justice Bid has been working with forward-thinking Fortune 100-1000 companies who are using the technology and consistently achieving demonstrable ROI, achieving an average savings of 22%.
  • JB also accelerates law departments’ DEI programs for outside counsel by taking the grunt work of diversity data tracking out of the equation, saving in-house FTE resources. Justice Bid, a minority-owned technology company, teamed up with Legal Operators and forward-thinking law firms to reimagine diversity analytics in the legal industry. The Operation Empowering Change initiative is designed to enable law departments to skip the data collection and analysis process, and at the same time, significantly reduce the number of firmwide surveys that law firms are asked to complete, allowing both to get
    to what truly matters – focusing on DEI collaboration and actual DEI work. Law departments can use filters, in combination with each graph’s interactive legend, to view firmwide data through their own lens. If a law department does not see their firm, they can easily add them.

If you have any questions, or would like to see a demo, or get free access to law firms’ firmwide diversity data, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team – we’re all very kind – and funny : )  Here to help you in anyway we can.

Team JB

August 13, 2021
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