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Kahn Consulting provides strategic guidance to complex information challenges. We are consultants who help you figure out how to navigate your information footprint from strategic plans to tactical implementations. Our holistic approach addresses the totality of the information life-cycle: creation, retention, storage, data handling requirements, security, privacy, litigation response, and defensible disposal.

Today’s complex information challenges requires a unique complement of skill sets to holistically address the issues. We are a team of experienced consultants that attack these problems from a multiplicity of perspectives to bring about the best results for our clients. Members of our firm come from diverse backgrounds including: information management, governance, records management, technology, privacy, security, legal and compliance. We pride ourselves in being economical, limber and adaptable, easy to work with, and skillful problem solvers.

Information Governance: Records, Defensible Disposition, eDiscovery, Policies and Procedures

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