Evisort is an AI company that provides an End-to-End Contract Intelligence Platform for lean legal teams and global enterprises who want a better alternative to contract management.

Evisort was built by lawyers who had read thousands of MSAs, SOWs, NDAs, and were tired of pulling out basic information such as expiration dates, renewals, names of parties, etc. Evisort does this automatically by datatizing contracts rather than just digitizing them.

Datatizing™ your contract information instantly turns all your contracts into searchable data using advanced contract analytics to find vital provisions and metadata. Evisort visualizes contract data and provides teams the information they need to report on mission-critical contracts in real-time

The End-to-End Contract Intelligence Platform from Evisort is a comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management and Analytics solution that protects, scales, and accelerates businesses.

Unlike legacy contract management vendors, point solutions, or status-quo processes, Evisort:

*Centralizes access to contracts with no migration

*Accurately extracts, tracks, and makes metadata and provisions searchable in real-time

*Optimizes templates and streamlines contract workflows to deliver rapid ROI without IT


Evisort was founded in 2016 by Harvard Law alumni and MIT researchers to eliminate the tediously manual contract processes that increase risk, add costs, and slow deals for businesses. Evisort is headquartered in Silicon Valley and backed by leading strategic and institutional investors including General Atlantic, Vertex Ventures, M12 ( Microsoft’s venture fund), Amity Ventures, Village Global, and Serra Ventures. Evisort is trusted by companies of all sizes and industries including Microsoft, Keller Williams, Jelly Belly, McKesson, Plug Power, Vonage, Qdoba, AE2S, and more.

November 1, 2016
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