ContractPodAi® Cloud provides corporate legal and non-legal users complete visibility, command, and control over the entire legal lifecycle of the business. The One Legal Platform allows you to handle multiple use cases and nearly every legal challenge.

Covering all legal processes, ContractPodAi Cloud provides digital tools and self-service capabilities to help you create, configure, and automate any legal document. The software’s key features include a smart repository, business process automation (BPA), a vendor negotiation portal, advanced analytics, and much more.

With integrated BPA, users can automate document generation — along with the approval and other workflow management processes — by using the standard template library.

Within a centralized negotiation portal, legal and other teams can communicate with each other and negotiate with vendors. All communications and vendor interactions are automatically logged in searchable trails for audit and compliance measures. ContractPodAi Cloud also automatically reviews and tracks changes across all document versions. The system then provides users with the ability to accept, reject, and produce different document versions; as well as store detailed records of documents in a fully searchable repository; track all key metrics in real-time; and generate pre- or user-built reports.

In addition, ContractPodAi Cloud integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Azure, DocuSign, Okta, and other systems to track obligations; improve and manage application access and security; and provide in-app electronic signing capabilities. ContractPodAi for Salesforce allows users to manage all end-to-end operations within the Salesforce app.

November 16, 2021
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