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Black Hills IP is leading a new generation of IP legal technology and service providers.  Human error is the cause of 80% of docketing mistakes.  Our advanced AI-enabled docketing automation greatly improves the reliability, quality and efficiency of docketing tasks that were previously done by humans alone.

BHIP developed a proprietary ground-breaking machine-aided docketing engine (IP Tools) that dramatically elevates docketing quality.  IP Tools is not a substitute for an IP docketing system, but rather it works in conjunction with your IP docketing system.  BHIP uses our IP Tools technology to deliver AI-enabled docketing services that are scalable, efficient and accurate.

Our other legal support services include intellectual property paralegal services, patent proofreading, and data auditing/analytics.  We also provide annuity payment management services through our sister company Black Hills IP Renewals.  Our technology and our services are all in the US so that any export control issues are eliminated.

BHIP strongly believes in using technology to help our customers implement a streamlined best-practice approach to IP support work.  Our services have helped our customers reduce cost, improve operations, and reposition their existing team members to do more value-added projects.

May 5, 2011
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