Avvoka is a document automation, negotiation and analytics tool designed to help law firms, in-house legal teams and businesses (of all sizes) draft documents, negotiate them, and leverage data insights from that process to draft better documents, and get to “yes” faster.

Unlike legacy tools, with Avvoka you can rapidly build automated versions of your most complex documents using our intuitive automation builder. This means no more tricky coding within Word documents. Our customers reach agreement fast by collaborating on documents with colleagues in real-time and negotiating with counterparties via the Avvoka online platform.

Avvoka has a range of sophisticated reporting tools that allow businesses to monitor push-back against their standard contract clauses, track key commercial terms and compare individual negotiator performance.

Key use cases:

  • First-draft automation
    • Generate perfect documents every time by building powerful automated document templates using Avvoka’s intuitive template editor
    • Unlike most automation tools, Avvoka’s editor empowers non-technical users to build sophisticated automated precedents, without the need to use any ‘code’ or learn any syntax
    • The template editor has been honed over four years of rigorous development, so Avvoka can handle NDAs all the way up to 200+ page loan agreements
  • Safe, self-service contracting
    • Drive document creation within business teams by allowing legal teams to build contract playbooks, fallbacks and approval workflows layered into automated templates
    • Only add legal team members into a document where it’s clear they are adding value in more bespoke, important scenarios
  • Internal collaboration –
    • Work in real-time with colleagues on the same version of a document to ensure rapid resolution of queries by using internal comments, clause-based task assignment and approval layers
  • External negotiation
    • Stop playing Word draft ping-pong and negotiate documents with counterparties directly on the platform
    • Reach execution in record time: minimise version chaos and maximise the auditability of changes on documents
    • Use extensive rights-management to restrict the ability of users to mark-up key terms to safeguard negotiating guidelines
  • Document data analysis
    • Effortlessly access the commercial data contained within contracts: automation creates structured, searchable documents that can be analysed in the reporting function or exported to other business information systems
  • Monitoring commercial performance
    • Avvoka’s negotiation editor has a rich data layer: track how key clauses are being marked-up across a document portfolio to spot bottlenecks and areas where a fallback would smooth the negotiation flow
May 1, 2016
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