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Lawcadia is an end-to-end legal operations platform that in-house legal teams and their law firms use for intake and triage, matter management and legal spend management. Utilising Lawcadia Intelligence, an intelligent automation engine, Lawcadia incorporates no-code automation and logic-based workflows with built-in document automation, collaboration tools, and BI reporting. Lawcadia is headquartered in Australia with clients in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, including corporate and Government legal teams and over 170 law firms. For more information about Lawcadia, please visit Lawcadia.com


Steele Compliance Solutions, a Diligent brand, offers a wide range of compliance solutions designed to assist companies in managing the myriad of risks they confront.  Whether for external compliance needs, such as managing 3rd party risk, to internal compliance needs, such as compliance training, policy management, conflicts of interest – Steele’s global experience meets our client’s demanding legal and compliance needs.


CMO is a flexible, integrated solution that “connects the dots” between regulations, their requirements, specific activities needed for compliance, and stakeholders across your organization. Automate new processes, make changes easily, and integrate seamlessly with industry-leading business intelligence tools to help drive continual improvement and compliance.

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