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 CreatieiQ is a next generation Contract Lifecycle Management platform for in-house teams, developed by experts at Linklaters. CreateiQ speeds up contracting, eliminates risk and gives organisations access to the power of their legal data. From creation to negotiation to execution and beyond – CreateiQ has you covered. Founded in 2018, nearly 100 global institutions trust CreateiQ to power their contracting, including 30 companies in the Fortune 500 and 6 of the world’s largest banks.  


BRYTER is the no-code service automation platform that enables business experts to build digital applications. The truly no-code platform gives enterprise teams the tools to build self-service applications to provide faster, more accurate services to their colleagues, without programming.

BRYTER is especially geared to professionals in law, compliance, accounting and finance, who use the software to automate complex, recurring decisions and scenarios.

Global brands from McDonalds and ING, through to professional service firms like Deloitte, PwC and KPMG, use BRYTER to deliver services digitally. BRYTER is a remote-first company with offices in New York, Boston, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin and Dublin


ContractPodAi® Cloud provides corporate legal and non-legal users complete visibility, command, and control over the entire legal lifecycle of the business. The One Legal Platform allows you to handle multiple use cases and nearly every legal challenge.

Covering all legal processes, ContractPodAi Cloud provides digital tools and self-service capabilities to help you create, configure, and automate any legal document. The software’s key features include a smart repository, business process automation (BPA), a vendor negotiation portal, advanced analytics, and much more.

With integrated BPA, users can automate document generation — along with the approval and other workflow management processes — by using the standard template library.

Within a centralized negotiation portal, legal and other teams can communicate with each other and negotiate with vendors. All communications and vendor interactions are automatically logged in searchable trails for audit and compliance measures. ContractPodAi Cloud also automatically reviews and tracks changes across all document versions. The system then provides users with the ability to accept, reject, and produce different document versions; as well as store detailed records of documents in a fully searchable repository; track all key metrics in real-time; and generate pre- or user-built reports.

In addition, ContractPodAi Cloud integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Azure, DocuSign, Okta, and other systems to track obligations; improve and manage application access and security; and provide in-app electronic signing capabilities. ContractPodAi for Salesforce allows users to manage all end-to-end operations within the Salesforce app.

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Legal operations teams are facing unprecedented pressure to manage risk in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Thus, they must deliver both risk mitigation and business agility at the same time. Responsiveness and consistency are critical for the various departments that rely on the legal team.

To deliver a platform that allows legal operations teams to drive efficiency while reducing reliance on IT is key to the overall long term success and competitiveness of the business. Tonkean helps to improve key legal processes and its many interactions with other departments. Such cases include: legal intake, NDA creation and review, contract review processes, document sorting & routing, matter creation, working with outside counsel. To learn more, visit http://www.tonkean.com


 Neota is the leading no-code platform for the intelligent automation of processes, documents, and expertise.


The platform provides professionals with pre-built components to rapidly build intelligent workflow solutions that automate any aspect of their service, without writing a single line of code.


These solutions empower professionals to deliver access to their expertise at scale.



Evisort is an AI company that provides an End-to-End Contract Intelligence Platform for lean legal teams and global enterprises who want a better alternative to contract management.

Evisort was built by lawyers who had read thousands of MSAs, SOWs, NDAs, and were tired of pulling out basic information such as expiration dates, renewals, names of parties, etc. Evisort does this automatically by datatizing contracts rather than just digitizing them.

Datatizing™ your contract information instantly turns all your contracts into searchable data using advanced contract analytics to find vital provisions and metadata. Evisort visualizes contract data and provides teams the information they need to report on mission-critical contracts in real-time

The End-to-End Contract Intelligence Platform from Evisort is a comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management and Analytics solution that protects, scales, and accelerates businesses.

Unlike legacy contract management vendors, point solutions, or status-quo processes, Evisort:

*Centralizes access to contracts with no migration

*Accurately extracts, tracks, and makes metadata and provisions searchable in real-time

*Optimizes templates and streamlines contract workflows to deliver rapid ROI without IT


Evisort was founded in 2016 by Harvard Law alumni and MIT researchers to eliminate the tediously manual contract processes that increase risk, add costs, and slow deals for businesses. Evisort is headquartered in Silicon Valley and backed by leading strategic and institutional investors including General Atlantic, Vertex Ventures, M12 ( Microsoft’s venture fund), Amity Ventures, Village Global, and Serra Ventures. Evisort is trusted by companies of all sizes and industries including Microsoft, Keller Williams, Jelly Belly, McKesson, Plug Power, Vonage, Qdoba, AE2S, and more.

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LinkSquares is an AI-powered end-to-end contracting platform to give legal teams the tools they need to move their business forward faster. Customers have everything they need to write better contracts, analyze what’s in existing contracts, and collaborate better with their team at every step of the way. LinkSquares differs from other tools on the market with its powerful AI insights, speed to providing tangible results, and ability to centralize everything. For more information, visit https://linksquares.com/.

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From intake to insights – LawVu’s Legal Workspace is your everyday ‘go-to’ for all your in-house legal work, no matter how large or small.

Within the Workspace you’ll find a unified suite of productivity and collaboration tools built specifically for in-house legal teams. Matters, contracts, outside counsel and spend, documents, knowledge and insights – all managed in one cloud-based, secure and connected system.

The LawVu Workspace scales with your team – start with individual modules or unleash the full power of the complete platform. When the modules are used together, the Workspace becomes a powerful, single source of truth for high performing legal teams.


Business Process Improvement tool designed to manage the work related to the documents in the popular Legal Document Management products, also SharePoint.

Over 100 common template process solutions including contract management, compliance management, markup and approval management, esignature process management, general project management, etc.

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Checkbox is a no-code automation platform that allows legal teams to build their own software according to their needs, enabling them to automate tedious manual processes and improve the delivery of their legal expertise to the business. Checkbox’s drag-and-drop studio makes it easy for lawyers to develop automation tools, even with little to no technical background.

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