Xioma provides to its clients comprehensive solutions and offers a wide spectrum of services constituting a full solution for their needs.
As part of it, Xioma offers handling work processes implemented in systems as well as planning, specification, development, software licensing, user training, tutoring, user assistance, maintenance, support and manning key points.


Xioma considers generating quick wins in projects a vital advantage and makes sure to implement its solutions so as to enable the organization to gain added value within short periods of time.

Solutions are designed so as to enable quick wins for the organization in order to achieve satisfaction and early as possible return on investment.

Familiarity with our clients is a key point for the success of projects executed by Xioma. Xioma decided to focus its efforts and specialize in several vertical solutions‏ in which an in-depth research is carried out in respect of the specific industry’s best practices and experience is gathered in industry-related projects.
The know-how and experience gained in the chosen industries enables Xioma to provide fast, quality value to clients which embodies dozens of person years and deep familiarity with the industry’s specific needs.