tillr is an easy to use, audit and inspection software solution, that saves you time by reducing your workload by 40% as our customers keep telling us. It gets rid of your reliance on paper based processes and saving some trees is an added benefit! tillr also reduces your need for document management systems, spreadsheets galore and other apps that do a single job. tillr is your one stop shop for your audits and inspections.

As a small business ourselves, we appreciate that time is everything. tillr turbo-charges your business, by providing you a quick, real-time overview of the status of pending jobs and tasks. With tillr you can be sure everything is running according to plan. Retrospectively, you can measure team and individual performance levels with single click customisable reports, ensuring that any issues are resolved in a quick and timely manner.

tillr helps you collaborate with your team, by allowing you to set automated alerts and reminders for jobs to be completed by a certain date based on priority levels and everyone has access to all the information you could ever need about an inspection or audit. With tillr, world dominance is not far away.

As long as you’re connected to the internet, our data-encrypted, cloud-hosted solution can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. Meaning you have business critical information and documents, right in the palm of your hand. Even if you are out of a wifi hotspot or have limited 4G, we have an offline friendly capability meaning you can carry on your day job without disruption.