The Quality Group

The Quality Group is currently represented with four locations in Germany as well as in Europe and the USA by partners. TQG gains its expertise from over 400 customer projects and 300 software installations.

Contracts and documents with legal effect are the basis of all economic activity in every company. With the product suite LCM TQG offers a standard solution for the integrated use on company level based on a powerful, interface independently data base.

LCM Legal particularly aims at organizations in need of instant availability of contracts, contract-related information and important agreements. Especially frameworks and individual contracts, different contract categories and types, as well as contract partner are flexibly and efficiently managed and individually analyzable in LCM. Furthermore, the LCM Contract Controlling allows for quick and accurate answers to all arising questions.

With LCM Legal qualitative and quantitative improvements during the entire contract life cycle are realized: from contract creation during negotiations, over approval and execution of the contract, contract controlling and risk management, contract extension, renewal or termination, to the audit acceptable archiving of the contract.