Over 300 companies with over a million employees trust us to implement their most critical and complex learning and strategic communication initiatives. We partner with them at every stage of the process – from risk assessment through to audit – while personalising the approach to the needs of the organisation. Some clients retain us to develop fully bespoke content and use our fully managed Skillcast Portal to deliver it to their audience, while others use our Skillcast Author platform to develop and deliver the communications themselves with our support.

We’ve pioneered innovation in the areas of collaborative content development, multilingual portals, diagnostic assessment reports, content-as-a-service (CAAS) and the use of learning cloud to deliver GRC objectives at a substantially lower cost and less time to fulfilment. Our technology and process development activities are totally client-focused, and each new innovation is driven by the need to simplify our clients’ processes, reduce costs and/or meet specific organisational objectives.