Premonition selects Attorneys by Win Rate. It's a very, very unfair advantage in litigation – Because losing is expensive. Premonition can select the best attorney by win rate for specific Judges and Case Types. Who is the best Attorney before Judge Adams in Reno, NV? Who is the top eviction Attorney in Orange County, Florida? Premonition knows, you should too. It’s obvious, but nobody does it. People pick attorneys based on recommendations from friends, online reviews, because they’re friends, friends of friends, went to a particular law school, have nice offices, work for a well known firm, saw an advertisement, their name was first in the phone book, etc. Years ago we started collecting lists of “the best” attorneys in various specialties. Recently, using the Premonition system, we took a look at the leading lists, people who are recognized by their peers as being “the best”. It turns out they're average. The only way that they stood out was a disproportionate number of appeals and re-opened cases, i.e. they're good at dragging out litigation. We also provide litigation data: Litigation Ratings for Home Owners Associations(useful information for buyers). Prior Litigation searches for employment and background checks, accessing cases that are simply not available in leading legal research systems. Real Time case filings filtered by Case Type and High Net Worth Defendant/Entities – the ultimate leads source. Premonition prides itself on its innovation and flexibility. If you are seeking an information advantage in litigation, Premonition is your solution.