Paperlex was founded at StartupWeekendNYC in November 2009 with the mission of empowering businesses to take greater control over the process of creating their legal documents.

We believe businesses can have more control over their legal documents (and legal fees) by unbundling the document assembly process from the expert advice provided by lawyers and taking over the scribe work themselves.

What does Paperlex do?

Paperlex provides an organized, secure and easy-to-use platform in the cloud for businesses like yours to manage form contracts. We begin by converting your contracts into templates, which are then installed on the Paperlex platform.

Why should I use Paperlex?

The Paperlex platform provides you with:

  • Dashboard to view the status of all your contracts
    (At a glance see which contracts have new redlined versions, which are ready to be signed, which ones are fully executed)
  • Easy interface for composing contracts from templates (think TurboTax)
  • Full version control (never lose the master)
    (No need to trace email threads and risk marking up the wrong draft)
  • Eliminate paper files (and the need for file cabinets!)
  • Search across all your contracts
    (All data points, such as expiration date, option exercise period, noncompete period, and the like, can be searched quickly across all of your contracts)
  • API integrates with other applications