Since building and launching the legal industry’s first web-based application for case management in the 1980s, Mitratech has remained true to a single, clearly defined mission: making the legal department the best-run function in your organization. Every technological advancement and business decision we’ve made over nearly 30 years has been driven by our focused commitment to solving the complex needs of the General Counsel’s office. Our comprehensive solutions enable legal teams to be more proactive, predictable, globally scaled, and value driven.


Though we are proud of our team’s accomplishments over the last three decades, we owe a debt of gratitude to our clients. We work with many of the most innovative and influential corporate legal departments in the world. Partnering with such high-caliber teams has given us priceless insights into how the roles and responsibilities of corporate legal are growing and changing.


As the needs of our clients have expanded and become increasingly complex, we have expanded and adapted our software to meet those needs head on. We have also collaborated closely with our clients and their peers to develop a set of foundational best practices for enterprise legal management. This combination of technical and operational expertise helps us serve our clients as a valuable resource and ally.