Legistek is not just a legal software company. Legistek is a legal solutions company. Our flagship product, Limine, is an integrated evidence presentation platform usable across tablets, laptops, classic PCs, and even groundbreaking devices like the 84” Microsoft Surface Hub. Together with our industry partners, Legistek andLimine enable litigators to leverage modern technology in the courtroom naturally, without steep learning curves or prohibitive costs.

If all you want to do is present evidence on a projector from a laptop, you can be up and running in minutes, with virtually no training necessary.

If your needs are more complex, our resident experts and industry partners at the forefront of presentation technology are ready to help you find the solution. Want to present evidence wirelessly from a tablet device? Let jurors view the exhibits from individual tablets? Display evidence on paper-realistic 4K ultra-HDTVs? Question a witness live via videoconferencing, letting them see the same evidence the jury does in real time? Present on a “magic wall” like TV journalists? Limine can make all that happen and more.

Limine is the ultimate gateway for your evidence to reach your audience in the most powerful, natural, and persuasive manner it can. With Limine, you can command the courtroom like never before.