Leaflet Corporation

Leaflet Corporation brings you Leaflet® Platform™, the collaborative document automation and negotiation solution that changes the entire landscape of contract automation drafting and collaboration, workflow and signing. Law firms and legal / contract department lawyers, contract managers and procurement professionals are more productive, collaborative, and–their drafting and negotiation–markedly more efficient. Based just outside of Boston, Leaflet Corporation broke off in late 2014 from Brightleaf Corporation (founded 2007). Leaflet combines technology and services to get your forms, clauses and rules automated quickly. The automation technology connects data from the cloud or on-premise to your desktop, driving your familiar copy of Word and Excel to create complete, compliant, precisely controlled documents. "Automation factories" work in Word, so you highlight, click, and automate content without ever programming. Leaflet Corporation proudly holds Legaltech© News' Innovation Award for Best Document Automation/Management (July 2015). Since then Leaflet® Platform 5.2 (Sept 2015) and 5.3 (Feb 2016) move forward with a sweeping RESTful (Web-based) API, Spring foundation (non-Web) data integration, an updated Leaflet® Playbook™ Negotiation release, tighter DocuSign integration, Excel intake for offline questions answering, and easy one-click onboarding. We designed Leaflet Platform to work how lawyers do: it starts easily, scales readily, fits neatly within your firm or company’s existing systems, and works (as mentioned) in your local MS Word and Excel desktops.