Ji2 Inc

Founded in 2001, Ji2 offers a wide range of computer forensics solutions including consulting services, evidence collection, software, and hard drive imaging hardware. In the fast growing field of litigation support, Ji2 brings extensive expertise and experience in forensics to offer the best in eDiscovery support services and process consultation. What further sets Ji2 apart from competitors is an extensive history of working with enterprises both in Japan and the United States. With offices in Southern California and Tokyo, Ji2 has an intimate knowledge of both cultures as well as an advanced understanding of effective techniques to facilitate communication between them. 

By actively developing and achieving customer and business objectives while continually pushing boundaries and expanding our horizons, Ji2 has created constructive business partnerships with companies throughout the eDiscovery and incident response industries. These business relationships have resulted in an invaluable global network that we utilize to continue to provide the best data control solutions possible. As the global community grows and we rely more on electronic data, companies must stay well-versed in emerging and changing technologies and procedures while at the same time proactively protecting their rights and property. For that, you won't find a better ally than Ji2.