Heureka Software

HIP can be used on premise or as a SaaS and incorporates an endpoint service application that builds local, full text content and metadata indices of all file system objects, perpetually. From a central Command Console, operators are able to remotely interrogate all endpoints and identify specific unstructured or semi-structured documents or file system artifacts by user-selected criteria such as filename, content keyword, date ranges, hash value, application or file type, Boolean statements, fuzzy logic, pattern matching, proximity or wildcard to analyze information across an entire enterprise. From the Command Console, operators leverage use-case specific workflow applications to identify, analyze, classify, tag, collect or move items on an as-needed basis, across the globe, in minutes.

HIP is the only system on the market that unifies the File Analysis (FA), Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Electronic Data Discovery (EDD), Data Classification Services (DCS), Enterprise Search (ES) and Governance and Risk & Compliance (GRC) markets through one centralized pane of glass.

HIP workflow applications will accomplish a number of discreet tasks: cybersecurity incident response / remediation; data identification, preservation and collection for eDiscovery; at rest or in-motion data classification; internal threat investigations; FOIA requests; audit & compliance certification; as well as any other workflow that can be envisioned with an API-First platform that requires real-time transparency, analysis, & correlation of endpoint file content & metadata.

Do you know where your sensitive data is?