FrameWork Software Corporation

FrameWork Software Corporation

FrameWork’s mission is to simplify and improve litigation support project management.

To achieve this, we have created FrameWork, a SaaS-deployed solution that allows users to manage data and evidence through various litigation lifecycles, primarily discovery.

·         FrameWork’s project management features help control costs, assure quality, and increase overall productivity.

·         FrameWork’s evidence tracking workflow adheres to the EDRM and provides chain of custody and discovery task management to ensure a defensible discovery process.

·         FrameWork’s collaboration platform brings together the multiple parties that typically work on litigation projects today. This results in time savings and enhanced communication which leads to better case outcomes.

The founders of Framework have years of ediscovery and litigation support experience and have built multiple teams, operation centers, and companies over the past 20 years. Passionate about impeccably-run projects and superior client satisfaction, they conceived of a solution that would leverage existing features and technologies into an industry-specific platform to help corporations, law firms, and service providers achieve this vision.