Forexus GmbH

Forexus GmbH

Forexus GmbH was founded by Dimitar Bobev and Martin Kos. The passion behind investigation, technology and processing of vast amounts of data was the driving force behind the founding.

The name Forexus stands for the combination of Forensic and Nexus.

Based on the independent financial situation, Forexus is not bound to any products or partners which can influence the freedom in choosing the best products and services for our clients.

We see a big advantage in the combination of IT Forensic and eDiscovery. IT Forensics enables the identification, acquisition and evidence generation of data whereas eDiscovery provides the review of the data, which can uncover additional data sources. This is a recurring process with improving results over the time.

Data Analytics will let the data speak for you and tell you where irregularities can be found which will be of importance for your investigation.