Contract Mill

Contract Mill

As lawyers with background in international companies, financing world and law firms, we know the daily work and challenges that relate to slow manual work and difficulty of effective knowledge management. We also know how important the user experience is when implementing and using new technologies.

Therefore we created Contract Mill – a truly easy-to-use cloud-based solution for law firms and in-house legal teams that helps you to automate the drafting of customized legal documents.

All you need to do is upload your own document template to Contract Mill (or start from the scratch if you will), create your own alternative contents for the text and next time you want to create a customized document, simply answer the questionnaire that Contract Mill built for you based on your own rules and best practices.

Law firms – you can use this both internally as well as externally: there are plenty of business opportunities for you to grasp.

In-house legal teams – empower the business people to do more themselves by allowing them to make certain legal documents directly themselves with the help of Contract Mill – and still have a good night sleep knowing the created documents are fully compliant. Just as you had done them yourself.

Let us tell you more about the possibilities of Contract Mill, we want to help You to Be More whatever you want to be – the expert, negotiator, strategist, business enabler, partner to your client, family man – you name it!