Through experienced people who understand service delivery, the Group applies software, managed services and outsourcing to help customers streamline their activities. Civica supplies more than 2,000 organisations in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada and the USA, helping our customers to achieve a successful and more cost-efficient way of working. Its UK customers include 95% of local authorities and more than 90% of police forces. 

Civica Legal enables users to: 

Deliver better services: deliver responsive, high quality services that make it easier and quicker for internal and external customers to access and use legal services and to progress matters in a timely manner. 

Achieve increased efficiency: establish, automate and streamline case and administrative procedures to deliver more productive case management, increased time recording and billing accuracy and savings in time spent and the level of fee earner employed. 

Benefit from effective information management: improve the management and reporting of information through the easy collection, storage and retrieval of data and provide rapid access to knowledge for increased productivity and better risk management. 

Achieve integrated and flexible working: deliver an enhanced ability across all areas of work to integrate case management and time recording with front-office systems, web services and mobile technology.

Improve support: deal efficiently with fluctuations in service demand encompassing new legislation, policy changes and an increasing diversity of work, including the ability to interface and interoperate with a range of systems and third parties.