Lex Connect powered by UpLevel Ops is a free resource designed to help corporate legal departments identify the most suitable vendors to solve their challenges.

Confusing websites, overuse of jargon and acronyms make it frustrating for Legal Ops professionals to identify appropriate vendors or service providers to meet their needs.  We have also seen the difficulties vendors face in reaching out to the in-house legal community and sharing their functionality and expertise.  Some vendors have amazing solutions but do not have the ability to reach a disparate and dispersed legal community.  Lex Connect aims to change all of that by connecting the best vendors, organized by areas of expertise, with the in-house legal community.

At Lex Connect, we want to share our years of expertise in the legal community through our curated directory, the Solution Finder. The Solution Finder is organized by topic and operational goals and provides a list of vendors and service providers on the specific topic. Vendors must register for the site and provide accurate and up-to-date information on their profile.

If you are looking to better understand any topic, then head over to our Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center is a learning resource designed to help expand your knowledge on different areas within the legal operations eco-system.

Feel free to contact us at info@uplevelops.com if you have any questions or suggestions on ways to improve the site.

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UpLevel Ops


UpLevel Ops

UpLevel Ops is a consulting and advisory firm with over 30+ years of collective direct in-house experience.  Since we have been in the role and done what you are tasked with, we understand the challenges you and the Legal Department face.  The UpLevel team brings superior, real-world experience, knowledge about industry trends, benchmarks and “world class” practices as it relates to processes and technology throughout the legal department.  We are action and results focused by creating practical recommendations for our clients to ensure successful implementation on promised results.  When working with clients, we focus on:

  • Matching the legal ops initiatives/projects with business priorities, while keeping risks in mind
  • Unburdening lawyers and paralegals of non-legal work by streamlining processes and leveraging technology
  • Driving user adoption, sustainability, value, and costs savings in every project/recommendation

If you’d like to learn more of how UpLevel Ops can help your Legal Department, please visit our website or contact us directly at info@uplevelops.com.